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Year Zero som TV-serie?

Vore inte detta fantastiskt?

”Trent Reznor is planning to turn Nine Inch Nails’ concept album Year Zero into the next little-screen saga. Reznor told a U.K. magazine that he already has a producer attached to the project and has been meeting with writers with the goal of selling the idea as a television series. “We’re about to pitch it to the network, so we’re a couple of weeks away from meeting all of the main people, and we’ll see what happens,” Reznor said. “We may record a new soundtrack for the show. We’ll see, but there’s already the Year Zero record attached to the story.” Would Reznor’s elaborate depiction of our doomed world circa 2023 make for good TV? We’re revisiting the entire Year Zero story from its innovative promotion scheme to its release to decide.”

2 reaktioner på “Year Zero som TV-serie?

  1. Det låter som en mycket god idé.
    MMMmmmm dystopisk framtid, får mig att tänka på, W.Gibson, Shadowrun och annat smått och gott, ja och själklart tanken bakom Year Zero!

  2. Låter som en helt fantastisk ide.

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