Trying to decide what to name my new computer at work. I’m choosing between Lovelace and Hopper. All computers at work are named after famous computer scientists (like Turing and Shannon) and not a single one is named after a female. So I’ve decided to name mine after one. But who? Ada Lovelace or Grace Hopper? (Ada Lovelace is claimed to be the first computer programmer, she worked with Charles Babbage and his analytical engine. Grace Hopper developed the first compiler.) Hopper is easier to write, but Lovelace is more well known…


Received my first order from today. Really impressed with the result, can’t see the difference from normal photographies. (If you place my e-mail address in the Promocode field while placing your order and you will receive 10 Free 10x15cm or 11x15cm Photo Prints with your first order…) Now I’m convinced that my new camera (Olympus C-5050z) was a great investment 🙂


At work, but can’t work with anything since my computer is down. I can use this one for a couple of hours, but it doesn’t have the development environments that I need. Boring… The computers we ordered last week are still in pre-production so I have no idea what to do until then.

Blue Screen

Ok… right now I’m really angry!!! My f***ing computer got a blue screen and just continues to get it each time I reboot. So I guess there is not that much to do about it. (Error Message: Stop c000021a {Fatal System Error}. The first thing to do to recover from this error is to create a parallel installation of NT, and from that it gets even worse… nothing I’m willing to do.) We ordered a new computer last week but that one will not arrive for another two weeks, so I’m wondering what I’ll do until then. A programmer is no good without her computer.