Blue Screen

13/05-2003 17:28

Ok… right now I’m really angry!!! My f***ing computer got a blue screen and just continues to get it each time I reboot. So I guess there is not that much to do about it. (Error Message: Stop c000021a {Fatal System Error}. The first thing to do to recover from this error is to create a parallel installation of NT, and from that it gets even worse… nothing I’m willing to do.) We ordered a new computer last week but that one will not arrive for another two weeks, so I’m wondering what I’ll do until then. A programmer is no good without her computer.


Film, tv & teater

6ft Under

13/05-2003 11:02

Waiting for the newest Six Feet Under episode to become available… it is the absolutely best TV-show since Twin Peaks.


Böcker & läsning

Gibson & Moore

12/05-2003 16:57

I have to recommend two of the books I’ve read this month: William Gibson’s ”Pattern Recognition” and Michael Moore’s ”Stupid White Men”.




12/05-2003 15:22

So far today, I’ve at least managed to create a new CVS project and some modules for a new project at work… I’ve learned my lesson the hard way, what happens when you don’t use CVS for your projects. Last week we noticed that I had been cleaning my account a bit too hard and had removed a whole project that was going to be used once more. (We noticed that the same day as we were going to ship the product…) Thank God that it wasn’t that hard to redo it, thanks to that I had used the same code for another project…


Jag, vänner/familj

The Beginning

12/05-2003 10:33

Gotten inspired by both William Gibson and my friend Roine, I’ve decided to start to blog.